Modern elements meet oriental features in this vibrant home, creating a chic yet bespoke interior that expresses the owners’ love for antique pieces. Against a neutral palette accentuated by bold and bright colours, a collection of individual pieces of antiquated furniture effectively infuses a distinctive oriental atmosphere. However, to ensure a dominantly contemporary concept, the space is kept clean, bright and airy.

Throughout this home, interesting details and features convey a sense of bygone opulence in a modern setting. One of the main challenges is to find old antique pieces that come in the right size, shape and material that would complement the concept. For example, the oriental screen in the living hall. Originally, part of a door in an old house, the screen was upcycled and given a new lease of life as a focal decorative piece. To anchor each space with a distinctive touch, bespoke art pieces by Chinese artists were also used to blend with the interior concept.

mont kiara

1800 sqf