kip sales gallery

Inspired by 8scape development’s unique architectural concept and landscape theme that comprises 8 layers of gardens and parks, these nature-inspired elements were incorporated into 8scape’s show unit gallery to portray a garden living ambience, resulting in a light-filled contemporary interior.

The key areas feature multiple layers of versatile spaces complemented by a lush selection of textures to replicate the feeling of being amidst a green and serene environment. Against a white and clean backdrop – achieved through the use of sleek white surfaces and furniture, bright green accents stand out to offer vibrant pops of colour. Mesh was also used strategically in different areas for creating a layering effect, offering both transparency and privacy at the same time. To infuse a warm glow to the overall space, artistic ceiling lighting was employed. Everything else was kept subtle yet functional to maintain a sophisticated yet welcoming atmosphere.

johor bharu

5200 sqf