Grove Lakefield

Designed to reflect a contemporary Australian-inspired look with American influences, there’s harmony and balance between these two styles which were integrated into the living spaces in a subtle manner – for example, in the use of wood trimmings and carefully selected accessories.

For the living room, its spacious environment is uplifted by plenty of natural light streaming in. Lush furnishing juxtaposes against the hardwood floor and solid materials, providing the space with an interesting contrast of tone and texture. In the kitchen, the suspended overhang affords a very modern look while the herringbone tiles on the floor give a unique character to the space. Upstairs, the bright and airy master bedroom features a walk-in wardrobe complete with an island jewellery cabinet custom-made to anchor the core style of the home. Beautiful paintings also adorn this 3-level home, injecting an artistic vibe to the spaces.

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6900 sqf