As part of their rebranding process, Crownlivin requested for a revamp of their flagship showroom to correspond with their new brand direction and identity. To create a series of appropriate display areas for accommodating their higher-end contemporary collection, a composition of creative materials was implemented within a warm and minimalist space. It was also essential that the 2-storey showroom is bright and open to generate a cosy environment that encourages customers to linger on.

On the ground floor, the display areas are spread out across the open space. Whilst each area showcases a different collection, it is visually cohesive with one another throughout the space. Over on the top floor, the café-lounge features an indoor garden which adds on to the lifestyle concept of the showroom. Throughout the showroom, wood-wool, a material usually concealed behind walls to insulate acoustic panels was used to create a textural effect on different surfaces.

setia alam

5600 sqf